Current Faculty

Associate Professor
Kim, Jong-Hak
Major: International Relations
Research Area: Korean Diplomacy History
Office: 16-511


- Ph.D. Seoul National University, 2015

- MA Seoul National University, 2006

- BA Seoul National University, 2000


Selected Publication

- “Was Korea Ever a Part of China?: A Historical Review” IFANS PERSPECTIVES, 2021.

- “Seeking Korean Neutralization in 19th Century: Yu Gil-Jun’s On Neutrality and Sino-Korean Relations” IFANS PERSPECTIVES, 2021.

- “The 19th century International Law of the West and the Japanese Colonization of Korea: Political Meaning of a Self-reliant State”, Yearbook of the Institute of East-Central Europe, Vol.16 Issue 2, Lublin: IECS, 2018.